Why Women Love Colchin

Why Women Love Colchin

For more than 30 years, Colchin Automotive has been a trusted name in auto repair throughout the Arvada area. We are proud of our reputation for transparency, flexible communication, and a family-friendly atmosphere. Headed by Todd and Kerry Colchin, our shop blends the latest technology with attention to customer service. We truly strive to treat each customer like part of our family.

If you are a female searching for an auto repair shop that you can trust, the number one reason to choose Colchin Automotive is that we take time to explain car repairs and details that empower you to make sound decisions regarding your vehicle. We advise you of scheduled service as well as other service concerns which will help you plan your budget – we dislike surprises just like anyone. Relationships take time to develop – business relationships are no different, this is why we put emphasis on two-way communication so you are never more than a phone call away from help.
Smiling Woman at Colchin Automotive Repair Shop

Why do we appreciate women customers so much?

From individual personalities to true engagement in making smart auto repair decisions women customers are a great fit for the culture at Colchin Automotive.
  • First, women are cautious buyers – understanding what they are buying is job one. As mentioned above when you do business with the Colchin Auto team of professionals – we will spend time explaining what, when, where and how much?
  • Second, women communicate. We’ve found that women communicate about vehicle problems and symptoms very well with great detail that helps us get to the root of problems effectively. We are here to listen!
  • Third, women listen. We’ve found that women are truly interested in taking an active role in care of the family vehicles. Colchin Automotive is more than qualified to advise you about scheduled service as well as non-scheduled service concerns. We appreciate the engagement that our female customers give to the auto care process.

Why do women customers love Colchin Automotive so much?

Fortunately, not only do we love our female customers, but the feeling is mutual! Here are three main reasons for you to learn to love us, too:
  • We treat women with respect. You will never feel like you’re being treated differently because you’re a woman. We don’t “talk down” to women. No matter what your car issue might be, you will always get straight talk and the respect you deserve. We encourage questions, and we always provide a thorough answer.
  • Exceptional service. You will always walk away from Colchin Automotive feeling heard and well taken care of. We don’t settle for anything less, and we don’t expect you to either.
  • We want to be your trusted auto repair shop for life. We understand that we must earn your trust, and continue earning it on each and every visit. And we will! You have my personal guarantee: Todd Colchin, 303-431-5421, todd@colchinauto.com
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