Auto Electrical System Repair

  • By Lea Naiz
  • 28 Jun, 2017

Experience, Training and State-of-the-Art Diagnostics

Today’s vehicles have evolved with complex, computerized systems to manage much of your car’s operations. When something goes wrong, the computer activates a warning light to get the system checked. We are happy to discuss the symptoms you’re experiencing and give you an estimate of the diagnostic costs to identify the problem. We won’t begin the repair until we fully understand the symptoms and have presented you with your repair options.

At Colchin Auto Repair, we have the expertise and equipment to properly diagnose the electrical system warning lights and what’s required for repair. We systematically work through the symptoms you describe and the probable causes, then isolate the intermittent or hard-to-find problem. Persistence pays off and our long term experience leads us to success.

Your Vehicle’s Electrical System

The electrical system of your vehicle has several components: A battery, starter and an alternator are at the core of the entire electrical and computer systems. It makes sense to have regular electrical system checks to be sure it’s all working as it should. That way, if we find a problem, it can be fixed before it becomes a bigger problem.

The battery provides the electrical current, or power needed for the computer and electrical systems to work. Avoid buying “cheap” batteries. The trouble they cause exceeds the money saved at time of purchase. Colchin Automotive sells only high quality batteries – they physically weigh more because they contain more active ingredients – they are called Advanced Generation Batteries (AGM).

The starter actually gets the engine going by turning the crankshaft that moves the pistons. Colchin will check your starter each year to ensure it’s drawing the right amount of current to crank the engine.

The alternator keeps the battery charged and everything going once the engine is running. If there’s a problem with the alternator, the electrical system can be unstable, the battery will run down and the engine will eventually stop.

Voltage variations can be the source of a variety of issues because of the computerized controls in most cars. Have Colchin Automotive test your electrical system for optimal performance and safety.

The electrical system in your vehicle is very important to its safe operation. Stay informed by having regular maintenance checks to prevent any serious problems. Don’t delay. When you see a warning light or experience other abnormalities bring your car to Colchin to assess the situation and perform any needed electrical system repairs. You don’t want to be stranded or create a more costly problem by waiting.

Call Colchin Auto to test and repair your electrical system. Our experienced technicians have the diagnostic equipment to solve any problems and get you back on the road. In Wheat Ridge, Arvada and Denver, call us at 303-431-5421 for more information or  click here to make an appointment .

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