Auto Maintenance

Auto Maintenance... the Key to Saving Money

You don't want to dump a ton of money into your vehicle, we get it. And we agree! That's why we put so much emphasis on a great maintenance program for your family vehicles. 

Getting regular "check-ups" where you ensure that all is well can save you lots of money in the long-term. Here's and example...

A new customer brought her car in for a maintenance check and mentioned that she was having to add oil "fairly frequently" but wasn't sure exactly how much. We checked for leaks and found none so we asked her to keep track between this oil change and the next and let us know how many quarts she added. She reported at the next appointment that she'd added 
FIVE quarts. Something was WRONG and we needed to figure it out fast. 

Before we did anything on her vehicle, we decided to do some research and discovered that there was an EPA warranty that covered excessive oil consumption on her make, model and year of car. We recommended that she take her car in to the dealership to have them fix it under this warranty, saving her over $4,000 in repairs. Had she not mentioned that she was putting extra oil in between changes at her regular maintenance check, we may not have been able to save her this money. The warranty expired at 80,000 miles and she was at just over 70,000. Whew! Close call!

Every Colchin customer is given a personal website where they can track all scheduled maintenance and we store all past vehicle data there also so you have a complete record and can stay on track of your maintenance so you have less chance of incurring a big repair bill in your future. It's our goal to have your business for many years so we want to keep your vehicles in good repair and save you money where we can.

Is your vehicle overdue for a "health check?" Call us at 303-431-5421 to schedule your maintenance appointment. 
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