Helping you keep your vehicles safe & efficient

You might ask how Colchin Automotive is different from other automotive repair shops in the Denver area. We are a team of automotive repair specialists. This is our passion. Experts at diagnosing, and repairing automotive problems and preventive maintenance. We’re also passionate about educating you about your vehicle to help you save time, money and frustration. Every vehicle we service goes through our unique seven-step repair process to ensure that you receive only the best of service and that repairs are done right the first time:

Our Service Advisors know that one very important key to accurately assessing auto problems is listening to you and what you’ve noticed or experienced with your vehicle. Because we’ve been doing this for almost three decades, we’re also very experienced at asking you the right questions to help get to the bottom of your auto problem. Getting to the root cause of the problem through asking the right questions, listening to your description of symptoms, and applying the right diagnostics often ends up saving you lots of money and frustration.
Your vehicle is assigned to one of our technicians. We match the Technician best suited to your vehicle and its service needs every time you’re in. When needed you will be introduced to your technician giving you the chance to talk with the person caring for your vehicle. Of course you can always ask to meet our technicians any time.
Our goal is to keep your vehicle in safe and like-new operating condition therefore every vehicle receives a no-charge maintenance and safety inspection. Our Technicians are trained to pay attention to “the bigger picture” while they are working with your vehicle. In other words, our focal point will always be your specific requests at each visit but we feel obligated to make observations about the rest of the vehicle as well. Contrary to popular belief we don’t perform these inspections just to “find things wrong” so we can charge you more money. At Colchin Automotive, we operate from a preventive approach because we know that maintaining a healthy vehicle is much less expensive than fixing a problem that could have been avoided. We’ll prioritize, document and discuss with you.
Helping you understand what your vehicle needs, why and how much it will cost is what this step is all about. Prior to beginning any diagnostic, maintenance or repair procedure we’ll contact you to discuss specific details of your vehicle including cost estimates. You are encouraged to ask as many questions as you like. You are welcome to come see your vehicle any time during the process, in fact we love it when our customers take the time to get a visual on the repair process. We are happy to send digital photos of damaged parts or a repair to your email as well.
If you approve your estimate your vehicle enters our repair process. Our bays are clean, efficient and equipped with all the latest technology. Our technicians are efficient, capable and competent professionals. Most repairs are completed same-day however the nature of your repair operations may require more time to complete in which case we’ll communicate that to you. Remember, we back our work with our Colchin Auto 3 year, 36,000 mile limited warranty. We want you to be thrilled with your repairs and your service.
Every repaired vehicle gets quality inspected, cross checked and road tested. A visual inspection is performed to insure we’ve crossed every “T” and dotted every “i”. During cross checking we discuss all aspects of our process including documentation. Road testing is the prove-out step and very necessary. We drive our customer vehicles as much as is practical as our goal is to hand your vehicle back to you properly repaired with no surprises. We’ll call you to let you know it’s ready for pick up. Don’t forget we offer complimentary shuttle service.
You’ll get a note or a phone call within the first few days after your vehicle has been serviced. Your feedback is most important – we want to be sure you’re thrilled with your repairs and service. If you have a question or there is a problem with anything at all related to getting your vehicle serviced at Colchin Automotive, please let us know – we must know about problems so we have the opportunity to correct any mistake and honor our commitment to you. You have my personal guarantee.
Todd Colchin